Aussie fintech Douugh takes on US wealth management market launching Douugh Wealth

Aussie fintech Douugh takes on US wealth management market launching Douugh Wealth

ASX-listed Douugh has launched Douugh Wealth, which democratises access to investment solutions by combining human expertise and state of the art technology integrated into its smart bank account.

Douugh Wealth Portfolio Jars offer investment solutions for personal investing goals so customers — whether first-time or seasoned investors — can live financially healthier lives and grow their long-term wealth in an appropriate, low-cost, diversified portfolio based on their risk appetite.

Douugh Wealth’s unique combination of human expertise and technology puts customers’ financial goals at the centre of the investment strategy to help get them through good times and bad by seeking to minimize market risks and maximize returns, all with no brokerage or management fees.

“For too long, sophisticated wealth management has been a privilege reserved for the top 1%. Douugh Wealth democratizes the path toward financial health for everyone regardless of where they start their wealth journey,” said Douugh Founder and CEO Andy Taylor. “As a fiduciary  platform that puts customer goals at its centre, our customers can be confident Douugh has their best interests in mind regardless of the size of their portfolio.”

In a recent DriveWealth report, 33% of Americans said they would increase investing post-pandemic, but 45% said the pandemic had set back their long-term financial security. And with interest rates at an all-time low, Douugh Wealth has launched at the perfect time to build customer wealth autonomously, while helping each individual reach their goals.

“At Douugh, we know that investing can be hard, time consuming, expensive and even sometimes scary so we want to give our customers the best opportunity to grow their money, achieve their goals and improve their overall financial health,” said Douugh Head of Wealth Tom Culver. “Since we’re all more likely to do something if we’re engaged, we’ve also designed Dough Wealth to be personalized, goals based, engaging and to ensure customers  get the most out of learning how to invest in their future.”

Douugh Wealth’s Portfolio Jars, offers investors a choice between Core or Sustainable portfolios with Conservative, Moderate, or Aggressive options, curated by Douugh’s investment team.

“Douugh Wealth’s core investment philosophy is straightforward and based on the understanding that the generation we belong to will be forever influenced by a rapidly changing path adapting to technological innovation and sustainability factors on an almost daily basis,” said Culver. “We believe that a well diversified, balanced portfolio tilted to emphasize exposure to innovative and highly defensible technology and sustainably focused themes may lead to superior long term investment returns.”

As part of its core mission, Douugh wants to help educate customers on how to manage and grow their money in a responsible way by committing to long-term investing goals.

Douugh’s unique approach to financial management provides a holistic and consolidated dashboard for everything from budgeting to investing in one app, putting customers’ finances on autopilot so they can enjoy financial freedom.

To reinforce good money habits and financial literacy, Douugh will provide regular updates and alerts that help educate customers about principles like compounding, diversification, asset allocation and risk management, while gamifying the investment process.

“The launch of the Douugh Wealth proposition is a critical milestone on our journey to becoming a truly global ‘responsible’ financial super app — helping customers autonomously manage and grow their money to live financially healthier live,” said Taylor.