Currency with FinTech

Currency has always been the backbone of our modern society and since the day we stopped swapping gold with its real value for paper and coins with only agreed value we have been advancing the way we deal with currency. Today we can trade currency across the community and across the world without ever actually touching the notes and coins we once considered the most important part of our economy.

In an era that requires only the digital version of what money represents we no longer need to focus on what the Treasury of each country can produce and can now re-imagine what currency is and how it fits into our lives. Digital currencies (or cryptocurrencies) are seeing a rise in interest across the world and while most of us have heard of Bitcoin there are a great number of alternatives that are all fighting for dominance. The way we spend our own money is also changing with the biggest companies in the world all competing to become a leader in the digital wallets we will use to make payments in the future. Add the Peer-to-Peer to approach sweeping the FinTech industry and you will even see you can carry our foreign exchange trades directly with individuals and companies across the world.

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The largest Bitcoin orderbook with the most liquidity in Australia


Global Payments, Simplified


Your new passport to global business


Invest today’s change in tomorrow


The Blockchain built for Barter


BestExchangeRates has developed an application for users to compare exchange rates from multiple vendors in over 50 countries.

Binance Lite

Easiest Way to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Bit Trade

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies at Best Global Prices


Pay any Australian bill using your favorite cryptocurrencies.

We are Bitcoin Australia. Secure. Fast. Local.


Bitcoin Made Easy


Trade with confidence

BTC Markets

Australia’s largest cryptocurrency & digital asset exchange.


Buy Bitcoins Australia

Caleb & Brown

Making Cryptocurrency Investment Fast, Simple, and Secure.

Coin Loft

Buy Bitcoins in Australia. Making your Bitcoin purchase safe and simple.


The simplest way to buy & sell cryptocurrency


Buying Bitcoin has never been easier


Buy and sell bitcoin in Australia. Quick. Simple. Secure.


Currency Exchange Without Compromise.

D Coin

Bringing digital currency to life

Real Crypto. Real Currency.

Digital Surge

Bitcoin made easy for all Australians


Improving the way people buy, sell and manage money.

Easy Crypto

The best place for Aussies to buy and sell crypto


Collect Recurring Customer Payments


Your transfers, tracked. Your rates, controlled. By you.


Providing “purposeful remittances”​ to Australian consumers

FP Markets

Australian globally-regulated forex & CFD broker established in 2005 offering >10,000 trading instruments.

Get Paid in Bitcoin

Join the revolution


An incentivised gold ecosystem, source of capital for mining and investment in precious metals and providing liquidity with cryptocurrency coins and gold.

Harbour & Hills Financial Services

Incorporated in 2010, Harbour & Hills Financial Services Limited (H&H) offers Structured FX Payment Solutions for commercial cross-border transactions. Regulated by the Customs & Excise Department of HK, H&H partners with some of the reputed banks and financial institutions around the globe to provide a convenient way to manage payment flows for corporates and financial [...]

Helio Lending

Access cash without selling your cryptocurrency holdings.


Highly competitive international money transfers


Big crypto trading made simple, fast and secure

Independent Reserve

Trade with Confidence


INFINIGOLD is digital gold


InfiniteX Exchange, Infinite Opportunities.


Asia focussed money transfer company. Helping you to put extra money in the pockets of your loved ones.


Australia’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange


Better banking and eCommerce using blockchain technology

Navigate Global Payments

Your Trusted Partner In Foreign Exchange


Australia’s trusted exchange.


OFX is a global provider of online international payment services for personal and business customers.


The Universal Gaming Token


Trade Cryptos, Indices, FX and Commodities with Leverage from a single Bitcoin-based account.


Get more from your money


Inclusive payments for emerging markets.


Move your money around the world. No fees. No fuss.


Digital gold money. Save it. Send it. Gift it.


Real time finance

The Currency Shop

The Easy Way to Compare Exchange Rates and Fees in Seconds


Send money with the real exchange rate


Opening up Australia to Digital Currency Tourism

Vantage FX

Vantage FX is an Australian financial trading services provider with a focus on client relations and innovation.

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