Robo-Advice with FinTech

The reason that financial advice has always been so expensive is because it required experts to take into consideration a great number of variables to offer the right advice. However, as computing power improves it is possible for leaders and innovators of industries that are underpinned by advice, to make use of this increased computing power.  By giving a computer the rules and algorithms it requires to make accurate and consistent decisions you can now rely on the results and remove the most expensive and error prone component from the system- the personal advisor. Robo-Advice is quite a new term but a concept we have been progressing towards for a long time.

In some instance this advice in just in the form of educating the end user on what and where they are spending their money. In others it can accurately indicate what percentage and value an individual should be investing in certain markets. Robo-Advice can even determine the level of cover you should have and help you facilitate the purchase. There will always be limitations on the level of advice that can be offered and people that require personal advice but for the majority of us the personal advice we can expect from these increasingly complex robo-advisors is sufficient.

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Intelligent advice made easier.


Finally, accountants have a solid solution to the financial license dilemma


BetaSmartz is the future of sophisticated adviser and client automated investment management – globally best-in-class at an affordable price.


BetterWealth is your personalised online investment advisor.


Financial technology experts


brightday combines superannuation with super advice, online.


A simple and secure online platform for cash investments.


The Smart, Simple Way To Invest.

Compare Your Life

Simply Better Risk Insurance Solutions


World’s first frictionless, cloud based platform offering customer driven advice and fulfilment anywhere, any time.


Deposits provides data and comparisons on various types of fixed income products by country.

Equip Super

Super and advice that puts you on track to achieve your financial goals.


Fincast is a financial services company that specialises in creating innovative automated investment technology.

Ignition Advice

Ignition Advice is a world leading Enterprise Grade Digital Advice Platform


Australia’s most popular managed funds discount broker, providing access to top performing managed funds with no entry, exit or advice fees.


Bringing together the most relevant and informed insights from leading fund managers and investment professionals.


Mafematica provides investments advice, Robo-Advice, distribution into the SMSF sector and transactions.

Map My Plan

Build your personalised financial plan with Map My Plan and take control of your financial goals.


Stop wasting hours of your time categorising transactions. Use Pocketbook to do it automatically.


Quantifeed is a leading provider of digital investment solutions to financial institutions in Asia-Pacific.


Automated online investment management. Transforming how people invest.

Simply Wall St

Simply Wall St provide a completely new way to invest in the stock market. They make it easy, understandable and enjoyable. They do this by visualising companies.

Six Park

An easy way to invest like an expert


Spriggy is a financial education venture building products to help people feel happier about money. Spriggy’s first offering is a prepaid debit card for young people.


Australia’s Premier Investing App. StockLight will help you find attractive opportunities and keep your portfolio in good shape.


Stockspot is Australia’s first online, automated investment adviser and fund manager.


Sort out your Super


Beautiful accounting software – online, simple, smart & magical. For small businesses & their financial advisors.

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