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For over 8 years, Australian FinTech has been working diligently to help make the Australian Fintech industry one of the most successful in the world.

In doing so, has become the leading website to showcase 1,000+ Fintech companies, with over 8,000 articles posted (viewed over 5 million times), over 30,000 social media posts and amassed 45,000+ global social media followers.

On average, over 30,000 unique users visit Australian FinTech each month.

We’ve done this with a small but very dedicated team and no help from the government or any other organisations.

To add your company to our Directory, publish all your news/press releases and share them across social media and in our newsletter, we’ve created an inexpensive membership so we can continue to offer the highest level of service and support for your company and the industry.

Think of it as ‘crowdfunding’ the site that promotes Australian Fintech and Fintech companies to Australia and the world.

What do you get?

  • Your FinTech Company listed on Australia’s largest directory of FinTechs, including:
    • Your company bio
    • Website backlinks
    • Logo
    • Slogan
    • Product & Services
    • Management details
    • Contact email
  • Priority ranking on Australia’s largest directory of FinTechs
  • Links to your company’s Social Media pages
    • LinkedIn
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    • Facebook
  • All your relevant press/news releases posted on Australian FinTech
  • Your press/news releases shared to 45,000+ (and growing!) global social media followers on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more
  • Backlinks to your website in any related articles we post
  • Your press/news releases appearing in the Australian FinTech newsletter with over 5,000 subscribers
  • Press/news releases posted on Australian FinTech are also being republished more often by other media outlets who are republishing exactly what’s on our site
  • Social media posts re your hirings in our ‘FinTech Movers & Shakers’ campaign
  • “Australian FinTech Company Profile” – A ‘FinTech Company of the Week’ profile piece posted on Australian FinTech, shared across social media and featured in the Australian FinTech newsletter
  • Your company featured on our global platform –
  • If you fintech company is an Australian Start-Up or Scale-Up, you’ll also receive a complimentary listing on
  • If your company is Blockchain and/or Crypto-related, you’ll also receive a complimentary listing on
  • If your company is PropTech-related, you’ll also receive a complimentary listing on
  • And if your company has operations in other countries, your company will feature on those new sites too. The new platforms are US FinTech, UK FinTech, Ireland FinTech and UAE FinTech


Monthly Membership Subscription

As many fintechs are startups and cashflow is critical, Australian FinTech has introduced a new membership where companies can pay by the month at only $22.95/month including GST

Alternatively you can still pay annually for only $250 p.a. including GST.

An Australian FinTech membership also gives your company a complimentary listing on and any other relevant sites where you operate i.e. USA, UK, Ireland & UAE (at this stage), as well as potentially on our StartUp ScaleUp, PropTech News and/or Australian Blockchain 7 Cryptocurrency sites.

Memberships are also tax deductible which is great for any business, no matter how big or small!


What do you have to do?

Use the button below to register your company and begin your subscription.

Once we have received payment, we will contact you to let you know when your company has been listed.


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Payments and cancellations

If you would prefer to make payment using direct bank transfer, or if you would like to cancel your plan at any time, please contact us at [email protected]


Corporate Sponsorship – if you’re interested in a Corporate Sponsorship of Australian FinTech, we have a few limited and exclusive opportunities so please contact us.

Other Marketing Opportunities – Australian FinTech have plenty of other marketing and advertising opportunities on this site and all our other sites, where we can promote your business to our ever-growing audiences. Please contact us for more information.