BOQ unveils plans for a digital bank

The Bank of Queensland (BOQ) announced plans to become a “digital bank of the future with a personal touch,” as part of its strategy overhaul.

Digital offerings can eliminate the need for personal advice

Digital advice may provide an avenue for advisers to be able to circumvent the complex regulatory burden associated with providing compliant personal advice

Aussie fintech investment up 252%

Investment in Australia’s fintech sector “smashed previous records” last year, jumping up to $2.9 billion according to data from KPMG.

How does cryptocurrency work?

About 25 million people around the world use bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency that lets consumers buy goods and services, or trade their coins for a profit

Domacom continues to improve balance sheet by driving funds under management through distribution channels

DomaCom is intent on improving its balance sheet as the company primarily focuses on driving funds under management via its distribution channels.

What happens to my neobank account if I lose my phone?

Since your neobank account is only accessible through an app, what happens to your funds if you lose or misplace your phone?

The top 5 factors that affect your ability to secure funding

Have you have ever been turned down for a loan or been unsuccessful when trying to secure funding? Here are the 5 Cs to getting credit approved.

Home loan startups warn against ‘hard transition’ to open banking

Home lending fintechs have welcomed further guidelines for open banking but say they will be forced to use old methods of collecting customer data.

Foreign cyber security rules putting dampener on Aussie fintechs: DFAT

Asia-Pacific countries are introducing restrictive cyber security rules that threaten Australia’s financial technology exports.

Aussie fintech investment reaches $3 billion after 250% growth… but don’t celebrate just yet

Fintech investment in Australia is bucking the international trend. On a global scale, fintech investment actually dropped slightly.

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