Send partners with enterprise-level clients, to provide them with tailored international payment solutions.

Send’s cloud-based API-first infrastructure allows businesses to seamlessly integrate international payments into their processes. We offer a payment ecosystem with a network of partners that help transform brands into international payment powerhouses.

A Partner-First Approach

Send uses a partner-first approach to technology and collaboration, helping brands unlock opportunities for growth, client retention, and an additional revenue stream.

Most companies lack the technical knowledge or ability to integrate products for international payments. Send provides businesses with a payment ecosystem that allows them to better serve their clients – all within their own platform.

Send is about partner-centric value, seamless integration, and intelligent scaling. Our services help businesses grow by offering exclusive, no-fee access to our global payments network. This access can help take your product to market, add value to your brand proposition, retain your customers, maximize the potential of your FX offering, and unlock fresh revenue.

Whether you are looking for a white label platform, a totally custom integration, or to become a referring partner, we’ve got your company’s FX needs covered.

Send offers unwavering client support, 24-hour seamless client registration, and transfers across 37 different currencies. We are ASIC and AUSTRAC regulated, so you can rest easy when using our services.


Contact Us Today and Plug into the Send Payments Engine

If you’re looking to add FX to your current offering, or to learn more about how you can add international payments to your business’s product offerings, contact Send Payments today, or contact James Jagger at [email protected]