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YTML signs Merit Wealth and expands team

YTML has signed national dealer group Merit Wealth to its Seido platform – a financial services app store which consolidates multiple systems and solutions into a single integrated platform and support document generation including Statements of Advice (SoAs). Merit Wealth (a part of Easton Investments Limited group along with GPS Wealth) is replacing its existing self managed super fund (SMSF) advice application with Seido, recently releasing it to its 400 strong network of accountants with limited SMSF authorizations nationwide. According to YTML chief operating officer Piew Yap, the power of Seido is its ability to allow businesses to differentiate their value proposition to clients and its deep connectivity between financial […]


YTML opens Seido Financial Advice App Store

YTML will officially open the Seido Financial Advice App Store at the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) Conference on the Gold Coast this week. YTML CEO, Kevin Liao said Seido, which has already attracted various providers including SuiteBox,  AstuteWheel, Omnium, ChantWest and customised offers, enables Apps which have been designed for each stage of the financial advice process to work together to create client-friendly, succinct and compliant advice documents in a fraction of the time it currently takes. “In this sense, the Seido App Store moves beyond what we traditionally think of when we think of App stores,” Mr Liao said. “It is designed to not only act as a […]


Financial Planners set to benefit from YTML and SuiteBox partnership

Financial advisers have been given another boost in the race to digitalise their businesses with the recent tie-up between SuiteBox, a virtual meeting platform designed for financial risk compliance, and YTML, creator of Seido, an integration hub that connects fintech applications that results in a more efficient way to deliver advice. The partnership between YTML and SuiteBox sees the Seido Integration Hub connect directly with SuiteBox’s virtual meeting software, allowing advisers and their clients to meet, discuss and close business by combining face-to-face video meetings, document sharing and digital signing – recorded, compliant and available for regulatory scrutiny. The direct integration into the Seido platform, an integration hub designed by YTML […]


Proactive approach to compliant marketing needed: YTML

Recent interventions by ASIC, like cracking down on the use of words such as ‘independent’, highlight the need for Australian Financial Services Licensees (licensees) to be more careful about the wording of their own marketing materials and be more proactive about monitoring and approving the material being used by their advisers, according to fintech, YTML. YTML CEO, Kevin Liao said while licensees may find it comparatively easy to become more proactive about addressing issues in their own marketing materials, many appear to believe it is much more difficult to check that the material being created and distributed on a day-to-day basis by their advisers is compliant. “In fact, technology now makes […]


YTML transforms high volume SOA changes

Fintech YTML has rolled out its newest automated solution which is helping to quickly generate high volumes of personalised Statements of Advice (SoAs) for simple advice. Terri Ho, YTML General Manager, Advice said having to write SoAs or RoAs for a change impacting a large group of clients is one of the most time-consuming, frustrating and expensive exercises for licensees and advisers. “Changes can come about for a range of reasons – a change of platform or the removal of a product from an Approved Product List, for example. If you have a big book of clients you will have a large number of SoAs or RoAs needing to reference […]


YTML: ASIC’s example SoA ‘not balanced’

Customer take up of life insurance advice could be adversely effected if Statements of Advice (SoA) for life insurance do not take a more balanced approach to the information they communicate. This is the feedback YTML General Manager Advice Delivery, Terri Ho submitted to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) on the example SOA provided in Consultation Paper CP 284, which YTML say does not prioritise the information consumers are most looking for, the advice. ‘We believe the disclosure of commissions is over played in its current position in the SOA. This represents too much focus on remuneration.’ Further: ‘One of our key suggested improvements is to change the positioning of the […]


More openness required to progress advice industry says YTML

The advice industry will struggle to  take the next major step in its evolution unless more innovative solutions are delivered to market.  According to YTML CEO Kevin Liao, this will require technology providers to come together, collaborate and solve the operational frustrations that have characterised the advice industry for far too long. “Collaboration starts with providers being receptive to the notion that we need to work together. We then need to have an open dialogue and challenge ourselves on how we can leverage our respective complimentary strengths to create solutions that makes it operationally easier to deliver advice.” YTML is a software agnostic service provider, working with the advice industry to […]


YTML: Focus on what you can change

Advice solution and tech provider YTML is calling on advisers to extract more value from their relationship with their software by working in partnership with it. YTML is software agnostic, working with a range of software providers so as to deliver the best solutions to the adviser or licencee. YTML CEO Kevin Liao said it is in this capacity as problem solvers for their advice clients, that they often hear frustrations about the software. “It is a common problem in our industry, that with limited training, many advisers aren’t equipped in understanding how to get the best out of their software. A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous […]