Financial Planners set to benefit from YTML and SuiteBox partnership

Financial Planners set to benefit from YTML and SuiteBox partnership

Financial advisers have been given another boost in the race to digitalise their businesses with the recent tie-up between SuiteBox, a virtual meeting platform designed for financial risk compliance, and YTML, creator of Seido, an integration hub that connects fintech applications that results in a more efficient way to deliver advice.

The partnership between YTML and SuiteBox sees the Seido Integration Hub connect directly with SuiteBox’s virtual meeting software, allowing advisers and their clients to meet, discuss and close business by combining face-to-face video meetings, document sharing and digital signing – recorded, compliant and available for regulatory scrutiny.

The direct integration into the Seido platform, an integration hub designed by YTML to solve the connectivity challenges advice businesses face when delivering advice, means that those using the system can easily add SuiteBox to their workflow.

SuiteBox Chief Executive, Ian Dunbar, said, “Our partnership with YTML enables financial advice businesses addressing the digital transformation challenge to create additional value in their client relationships. Our solution provides a hassle-free virtual meeting space with specialist features designed for financial services businesses.”

YTML COO Piew Yap said, “We are delighted that SuiteBox has joined us in recognising the importance of connectivity in advice. Seido provides a platform where advisers can use many different technology solutions, without having to re-enter information in to each program. It’s an open API and will be the future of technology in advice.”

One of the unique features of SuiteBox is it’s VideoSign Proof of Signature™ feature, which significantly enhances the robustness of signature verification by capturing on video the advice given and the customer’s acceptance and intent in the lead up to them signing documents.

The two companies have been able to complement their individual services with a neat integration at a very attractive cost to adviser businesses. SuiteBox’s integration provides additional value with a flexible, monthly licence at an exclusive price for Seido users.

This is the second time YTML and SuiteBox have partnered to solve challenges facing financial advisers. The first partnership in 2016 helped financial advisers with the collection and review of data and the scheduling of client meetings.