More openness required to progress advice industry says YTML

More openness required to progress advice industry says YTML

The advice industry will struggle to  take the next major step in its evolution unless more innovative solutions are delivered to market. 

According to YTML CEO Kevin Liao, this will require technology providers to come together, collaborate and solve the operational frustrations that have characterised the advice industry for far too long.

“Collaboration starts with providers being receptive to the notion that we need to work together. We then need to have an open dialogue and challenge ourselves on how we can leverage our respective complimentary strengths to create solutions that makes it operationally easier to deliver advice.”

YTML is a software agnostic service provider, working with the advice industry to solve its software challenges. It is in this capacity that YTML sees the software landscape from a unique standing point. 

“We work with clients to enable their difference through better utilisation of the software deployed within their business. This solution therefore doesn’t simply mean more technology, just better use of it.”

Liao says the development of more agnostic software providers such as YTML will help to reduce the prevailing silo mentality of software providers, which in turn, will go a long way to improving the customer experience delivered by the advice industry.

“There is such an opportunity right here, right now for this industry to take a huge step forward. I encourage all players, large and small, to look at the big picture and be part of that movement.”