Till Payments & Austrade welcome cryptocurrency pioneer Dr Marwan Alzarouni

Till Payments & Austrade welcome cryptocurrency pioneer Dr Marwan Alzarouni

On July 24th, 2019 Till Payments and Austrade welcomed cryptocurrency pioneer and CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Centre, Dr Marwan Alzarouni. Dr Marwan visited Till Payments after the double Australian Blockchain Industry Awards win, meeting with CEO Shadi Haddad and his team, to witness the patented blockchain based intelligent payment and revenue assurance systems first-hand.

Till Payments and Austrade have proudly been working in partnership over the last two years strengthening and shining a spotlight on the advancement of the Australian fintech industry, in particular blockchain technology. This alliance saw Till Payments join Austrade on their 2019 blockchain mission to the UAE, as well as sponsor and exhibit at the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai. There, Till Payments demonstrated the strength of their patented blockchain technology, including the tax revenue node, smart contract and offchaining technology in the form of their Command Centre. A real-time revenue monitoring and assurance platform for smart cities that processes significant amounts of big data, visualising it into a meaningful dashboard that updates in real-time. Allowing a business to accurately keep track of every dollar of their revenue, across their entire network all over their country, 24/7.

Austrade have been a fantastic partner and champion for Till Payments. It is through this partnership that Till Payments were able to meet with Dr Marwan to sign a partnership agreement with him, as well as discuss the opportunities in Dubai and beyond. Dr Marwan was very interested to learn about Till’s products and share stories of his own experience in advancing blockchain technology in the UAE. He supported the expansion of Till Payments and offered to assist any way he could via his network of connections. Dr Marwan commented “Dubai Blockchain Center continues working towards the 2020 goal of making Dubai the first city fully powered by blockchain. Support from our partners in Australia, with Till Payments leading the way in payment solutions based on blockchain technology, is key to our success. Dubai Blockchain Center in partnership with Till Payments will help merchants in the UAE by providing them with a blockchain-based revenue assurance platform that will give them real-time transaction and revenue immutability.”

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