HUB24 launches new Discover offer to meet the needs of lower balance clients

HUB24 launches new Discover offer to meet the needs of lower balance clients

As part of HUB24’s commitment to deliver innovative solutions that empower advisers to meet the needs of clients throughout their wealth accumulation and retirement journey, the HUB24 Discover offer has been launched, to complement the existing Core and Choice offers and is now available on HUB24 Invest, Super and Pension.

Demographical trends such as the intergenerational wealth transfer and ageing population are providing opportunities for advisers to evolve their advice proposition to meet the needs of early-stage wealth accumulators, later stage retirees or clients with less complex needs.

HUB24’s Director of Strategic Development, Jason Entwistle said Discover strengthens HUB24’s competitive position and supports further growth by giving advisers access to an investment solution purpose-built for client segments with simple investment needs. HUB24 Discover encompasses a range of passive, active and ESG managed portfolios from leading portfolio managers including AZ Sestante, Betashares, Blackrock iShares, Elston, Lonsec, Morningstar, Vanguard, and Zenith.

“We’re excited to be launching our new HUB24 Discover solution. Discover complements our existing Core and Choice offers and expands our reach, providing a unique solution for advised clients seeking simplicity and affordability in their investment options – whether they’re starting out on their advice journey with their first portfolio or entering the drawdown phase.

“What’s great about Discover is the quality of the investment managers delivering a streamlined list of managed portfolios coupled with our award-winning platform featuresand a competitive simplified fee structure. It’s also truly portable so as their clients’ needs evolve, advisers can easily transition them across to our Core and Choice offers with minimal unintended or costly insurance or tax consequences.”

Designed in conjunction with portfolio managers, HUB24 Discover is a cost-effective platform and investment solution, providing a streamlined selection of managed portfolios.

Elston Asset Management’s Head of Adviser Services, Mark Smith said: “We’re excited to be working with HUB24 in launching their new Discover offer, a cost-effective and complementary solution to our existing managed portfolios available via HUB24.

“The Discover offer opens up new opportunities for advisers to engage with clients on their investment journey and leverages our existing infrastructure and our ten-year track record of supporting advisers and their clients through our HUB24 managed portfolio solutions.”

Lonsec Investment Services Chief Investment Officer, Nathan Lim said: “We’re pleased to be a foundation managed account provider for HUB24 Discover. We’ve used our deep research and portfolio construction skills to build five portfolios that will meet the needs of both large and small investors. We look forward to bringing these portfolios to our adviser network and their clients.”

Vanguard Australia’s Head of Financial Adviser Services, Balaji Gopal said: “The ability to offer Vanguard’s Diversified Managed Account Strategies through HUB24’s new Discover platform simply means more choice of high-quality investment solutions for financial advisers and their clients.

“Providing low-cost, instant exposure to over 16,000 securities through a range of asset classes, our Diversified Managed Account Strategies harness Vanguard’s global portfolio management expertise and proven strategic asset allocation approach.”

Chantal Giles, Head of Wealth at BlackRock Australasia said, “BlackRock is excited to see the addition of its Enhanced Strategic Model Portfolios and ESG Model Portfolios to HUB24’s Discover menu options. These low-cost diversified investment solutions are key examples of how BlackRock can deliver quality portfolio construction guidance to help advisers build better portfolios for their end clients. Ultimately, it gives everyday Australians access to institutional-quality portfolios that best meet their desired investment goals.”