Gen Z using tech to become finance savvy

Gen Z using tech to become finance savvy

Young people are using money in ways unheard of a generation before. They have never known a card that doesn’t tap and go, or a phone that can’t control every aspect of their financial lives.

While many pass off Gen Z as just an extension of the “smashed avocado” generation, some commentators say they have a very different mindset to Gen Y and are more savvy about how they spend and invest money.

Dale Gillham, executive director and founder at Wealth Within, a financial services and education company, says: “A few years ago nobody under 30 would talk to us to much,” he says. “Now we’re finding that under 25s are much more financially engaged.

“They’re using budgeting apps Raiz, and they’re starting to buy some shares. They’re realising that they’re never going to be able to buy a house so they have to do something different and start building up their wealth a little bit earlier.”


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