Deloitte: The blockchain debate is over, and blockchain won

Deloitte: The blockchain debate is over, and blockchain won

Enterprises are finally starting to use blockchain to disrupt themselves.

The Bitcoin spike in late 2017 was obviously a bubble, according to the most popular train of thought at the time.

When it declined, one might expect all the hype for blockchain to have declined with it.

But it did the opposite. The quieter year of 2018 saw a growth in enterprise understanding and eagerness to explore blockchain, according to a KPMG survey.

Deloitte’s experience is the same, and the technology is coming to a year inflection point.

“I’m often asked is this another flash in the pan? …Certain people reporting on this have lost their minds, because they’ve lost their patience,” said Deloitte principal Linda Pawczuk.

The market movement may not have helped either.

“A lot of people are a little cool on blockchain because they followed too closely crypto performance.”

But a saner take is that the technology is still in its adolescence, she said.

“The analogy I often use is two dots equal a line, but more dots is a more certain line. We are going through this period of discovery, and all of this legitimises [the technology] though the process of answering the harder questions.”

“I speak on behalf of the Deloitte organisations [when I say] executives are asking more granular questions… we’re seeing a lot more sensible discussions.”

“Not only are wee seeing more viable use cases, we are seeing more results,” she said.

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