is Australia’s largest crowdfunding platform that’s radically shifting the way enterprises raise capital. It’s where everyday people can easily invest in the boldest business concepts on their way up.

They’re pushing the limits of crowdfunding in more ways than one to level out the field. Firstly, companies can circumvent the traditional channels of finance and raise capital in a space traditionally limited to startups at concept stage. Secondly, it lets anyone own a share of a company in just four clicks, from small scale to macro level.

Founded by a team of trailblazers in 2017, the catalyst was new legislation making access to crowd-sourced equity funding easier in Australia. jumped on the opportunity to launch a concept that directly connects innovators and forward-thinking investors – taking VC funds, banks and brokers out of the equation.

The world is quickly evolving and investing shouldn’t be bound by traditional industries, rules or pathways.

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