Raiz Invest brings financial insights to life with Facebook chatbot

Raiz Invest brings financial insights to life with Facebook chatbot

Raiz Invest, the mobile-first micro-investing platform, has today launched a chatbot to improve the user experience. Customers can ask Ashlee chatbot specific questions about their account or the financial markets and get general customer support. Much like a personal fitness coach, the aim is to help Australians have a healthier relationship with their finances.

With an active (paying) customer base of more than 172,000, skewing towards the under-35 demographic, Ashlee provides intuitive and real-time responses. Integrated on Facebook Messenger, it takes advantage of the personal and instant nature of the app in aligning with millennials.


Personalised on-demand investment updates

Ashlee further personalises the Raiz experience. She will answer personal spending questions by category including shopping, entertainment and dining. She’ll even advise whether you can afford to go out for dinner by predicting your future cash balance based on historic spending patterns.

Developed by Raiz and powered by the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Ashlee offers tips based on your historic spending and income. This provides a personalised experience via your mobile phone whenever you need guidance. This helps to plan more effectively for the future.

“The Royal Commission into financial services will cause a significant reduction in the number of financial advisors and consultation costs will increase,” Raiz Invest Managing Director, George Lucas, says. “The average Australian will find it more difficult and expensive to get financial advice.

“Ashlee is designed to fill part of this gap and will improve over time. Her investment and spending tips are instantly available, providing customers with bite-sized financial assistance when they need it most via their mobile phone.”


The future of micro-investing integration

Ashlee continuously learns and gathers new insights using artificial intelligence. She’ll eventually be connected with Google Assistant and Siri.

“Ashlee will help young Australians engage with their financial future by providing instant financial assistance when they need. This will give millennials the freedom to make better financial decisions for the future,” Lucas says.

“Improving financial confidence is a goal we’re passionate about at Raiz. We’re excited to see how we can further adopt AI and help our customers make better decisions. We strive to continually think up new and innovative ways to improve engagement with their savings, so they can meet their goals.”

You can find Ashlee by searching ‘Raiz Chatbot’ on the Facebook Messenger App.