Pelikin and Travel By Us announce partnership

Pelikin and Travel By Us announce partnership

Working to enhance their already accomplished product offering, Aussie fintech start-up Pelikin, has today announced an exciting partnership with Travel By Us, a Sydney based travel insurance company for Australians.

Pelikin is a simple to load, prepaid Visa card created by young Aussies, for young Aussies, that pairs with a smartphone app, allowing users to make transactions in multiple currencies around the world, without having to pay any international transaction fees. It also gives users the ability to split bills and expenses with the click of a button, within a single app, in whichever currency they need.

The partnership with the likeminded company, Travel By Us, allows Pelikin to offer an incredible end-to-end travel insurance product for its users which can be easily purchased and managed within the app. Travel By Us’ multi-tiered travel insurance has been designed to cover all aspects of a young traveller’s itinerary. From snow to surf and protecting sacred smart phones and laptops, Pelikin customers are now able to cover it all and manage it with ease.

When discussing the synergy between the brands, CEO of Pelikin, Sam Brown says, “The founder, Ben, is an Insurtech veteran and his Travel By Us team is a passionate group of experienced travellers, developers, insurance brokers and customer care people. 

He continues, “Their difference is the inclusivity of cover, having more options for medical conditions that are typically not covered, extras to suit all types of travellers and cover for every budget. It’s this super flexible offering that appealed to Pelikin and we wanted to offer this to our cardholders.”

Unfortunately, many Australian travel insurers don’t offer a range of cover options for different ages and abilities.  Travel By Us recognised that this was an issue and wanted to close this gap in the market and offer affordable and flexible protection for all Australians. This means that all Australian residents, be that travellers aged 9 or 99 years old, travellers with medical conditions, travellers on a range of budgets and even pregnant travellers are all able to covered with the right insurance for them.

According to Ben Webster, Founder of Travel By Us, “Pelikin represents the future of travel money for Australian travellers. We’re excited by their tech-stack, but more importantly by their focus on solving real problems for real customers. We’re excited to be starting this journey together”.

It doesn’t stop there for Pelikin and their determination to make life easier for young Australians.  Whilst insurance is the first step in Pelikin building a central hub for everything travel and money, savings accounts, group spending tracking tools, budgeting advice, trip planners and a rewards program all on their planning board for 2019.

“Insurance is the first cab off the rank because we’ve gathered a large amount of data that tells us it’s what our audience want and that’s what we’re all about – adding value for them, all the time,” Sam continued. “We’ll continue to collect data from our users about what else they want from a travel insurance product and continue to iterate ours to make sure it’s hitting the spot for our Pelikin squad.”

An official nation-wide launch is just around the corner for Pelikin, having just wrapped their beta period and gone live in the app store.

The Pelikin x Travel By Us product is due for release in October 2019.