News Corp & REA Group invest in BRICKLET Series A round

News Corp & REA Group invest in BRICKLET Series A round

Fragmented property platform BRICKLET has completed its Series A capital raise. The raise saw original investors – Lakeba, Mirvac Group, Stockland and Mihubb – joined by News Corp, REA Group and property investment firm Ironfish.

BRICKLET has made significant strides in disrupting traditional property investment. Since it sold its first bricklet – a fragmented piece of property – in February 2020, the company has sold over $15M worth of bricklets. It is allowing more Australians to access the benefits of investing in property.

“BRICKLET’s growth journey has been phenomenal, going from concept to commercial success in less than 18 months. It is a perfect example of how Lakeba accelerates the transformation of digital technologies into successful businesses,” said Giuseppe Porcelli, Group CEO at Lakeba.

“In closing its Series A funding round, BRICKLET is now ready to accelerate its next growth phase. With its aim to become the de-facto platform to buy, sell and own investment property – in fragments.”

Ironfish has invested and will be leveraging the BRICKLET platform to continue to help build a brighter future for thousands of Australians through property investment.

BRICKLET’s original investors – Lakeba, Mirvac, Stockland and Mihubb– have also continued their support in this Series A round.

BRICKLET will be looking to use the funds and in-kind inventory secured in its Series A to further scale the platform by investing heavily in branding and marketing activity.

“Over the last 18 months, we have been refining our platform to align with how Australians want to buy, sell and own property. This has included making bricklets accessible to all Australians, launching a buy now pay later option and partnering with developers to bring high-quality property onto the platform,” said Darren Younger, CEO at BRICKLET.

“Having proven the commercial viability of our model, we now need to get the word out to all Australians. Letting them know there is a better way to invest, own and sell investment property. Our latest funding round will let us do just that, with our new investors bringing on board the means to engage with the property investment community.”