ndau: World’s first “buoyant” stablecoin cryptocurrency revealed

ndau: World’s first “buoyant” stablecoin cryptocurrency revealed

Meet the unpegged, uncollateralised ndau, courtesy of finely-tuned tokenomic and governance elements.

Stablecoins have been proliferating in the last few months. All of them are curious and flawed creations in their own way, and there are growing concerns that stablecoins of any kind, in principle, are economically impossible.

But maybe ndau can buck the trend. The coin was just unveiled today, and is perhaps the most distinctive and advanced stablecoin that has been created to date.

The best of both worlds, for the best of both worlds

“Stable is good. Buoyant is better,” ndau says.

The ndau Collective came together as a group of early bitcoin enthusiasts who aimed to map out the biggest limitations for long-term use of cryptocurrencies. One of the key issues they found was the difficulty of using cryptocurrency as a long-term store of value.

Most cryptocurrencies have a built-in monetary policy to maintain cryptocurrency value. In the case of bitcoin and many others, this takes the form of relatively straightforward deflationary elements. For example, a hard cap of 21 million in the case of bitcoin, coupled with an assumption of ever-increasing demand.

But as has clearly been shown, this does little to decrease volatility or create ongoing price rises.


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