Moroku and GCI Consulting launch innovative BaaS for Australian Community Banks and Credit Unions

Moroku and GCI Consulting launch innovative BaaS for Australian Community Banks and Credit Unions

In a strategic collaboration that promises to reshape the financial landscape, GCI Consulting and Moroku have unveiled their cutting-edge Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform. This groundbreaking solution leverages the robust foundation of the Temenos Australian Community Banking Solution, seamlessly integrating it with Moroku Money’s award-winning digital channels solution.

Empowering Financial Institutions with BaaS

The GCI-Moroku BaaS platform is designed to empower financial institutions, including credit unions, community banks, and challenger banks. Here’s what sets it apart:

  1. Temenos Australian Community Banking Solution: Built on the proven Temenos Financial Inclusion system, this platform comes configured for and caters specifically to the unique needs of Australian smaller banks and challengers. It reflects local regulatory requirements and offers rapid implementation times, as low as 24 weeks.
  2. Moroku Money’s Emotional Intelligence: Unlike any other BaaS offering, our platform is underpinned by Moroku’s award-winning engagement platform, Odyssey. This infusion of emotional intelligence ensures deeper customer relationships and drives loyalty.
  3. Integration and Deployment Excellence: GCI Consulting’s 20 years of experience with Temenos positions us as the go-to partner for successful end-to-end transformations. From sales to implementation, data migration, testing, and post-live support, GCI covers it all.

Key Features of the GCI Moroku BaaS Platform:

  • Core Banking in the cloud in Australia.
  • Multi – Cloud – Distributed across Azure and AWS
  • Digital Onboarding: Streamlined customer onboarding.
  • Mobile and Internet Banking: Contemporary digital banking customer experience
  • Cloud Resident/Mobile First: Scalable and agile
  • Open Banking and Digital Identity Verification: Compliance-ready
  • Large Language Model priming: LLM compression by applying game theory to hone the data models and consume a broad range of transactional and behavioural data from core systems and Open Banking.

Chris Walne, CEO of GCI Consulting, said, “Our mission is to empower financial institutions with innovative solutions. The GCI-Moroku BaaS platform is a game-changer, combining technology, agility, the experience to deploy, migrate and operate Temenos. Coupled with Moroku’s digital channels, community banks in Australia can transform, compete and grow with the confidence of a superior, end to end technology platform.”

Colin Weir, Founder and CEO of Moroku, added, “Moroku’s digital engagement platform adds a human touch to digital banking whilst priming AI to reduce the cost and complexity of the computational challenges facing the industry. Together with GCI Consulting and Temenos, we’re revolutionising how financial services are delivered and delighted to be able to help credit unions and community banks around Australia, be relevant and serve their customers against a backdrop of growing expectation and competition.”