Marketech Focus now live-streams all three Australian listed markets

Marketech Focus now live-streams all three Australian listed markets

Marketech, a leading tech-driven market-data and trading platform developer, continues to strengthen its offering with the integration of CBOE market data (fka Chi-X) into the innovative Marketech Focus platform, on web & mobile app.

This move underscores Marketech’s commitment to providing serious retail traders and investors with unparalleled access to comprehensive market-data, insights and functionality, on mobile and PC, in an easy-to-use package, at a very low price.

The addition of the optional CBOE market-data to the Focus platform, and the ability to rout orders to one exchange or the other, on either the lit or dark markets, marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to empower serious retail traders with advanced tools and resources.

With this integration, Marketech Focus subscribers can now choose to access real-time or live-streaming data from both of the Australian main boards, and are still the only company offering online access to the NSX, enabling serious investors to make more informed trading decisions and seize lucrative opportunities in the market.

The CBOE market offers some major differences to the ASX market, that often appeals to the more serious investors.

  • CBOE purge all orders from the depth each night, so the depth queue can be shorter than the ASX. Traders may be able to get their order to the front of the queue faster, and the ‘Best Execution’ router commonly tests the CBOE depth first.
  • Large crossings or institutional trades are often executed on the CBOE exchange, as CBOE market fees are lower than those of the ASX. Therefore, investors can see the true traded volume traded for each stock, not just the ASX volume.
  • With the CBOE data option, investors can see the full (lit) depth of each stock, not just the ASX (lit) depth. So, if an investor is making a buying or selling decision based on the available stock on the lit market, the investor gets to see the ‘full’ depth, not just the ASX depth.
  • The CBOE exchange does not have an ‘overlap’ or auction period at the beginning and end of each day, and stocks can sometimes trade on the CBOE exchange before the ASX opens trade for that stock.

“Our decision to integrate CBOE market data as an option into the Focus platform reflects our dedication to delivering value-driven solutions that meet the needs of serious or active retail investors. We are currently offering CBOE data for free for the next 30 days to all of our subscribers so that they can all try it out, as many retail investors aren’t aware of the uniqueness of the CBOE market, or even of its existence,” said Travis Clark, CEO of Marketech.

Marketech has built a reputation for trading excellence, thanks to its user-centric approach, cutting-edge technology, and commitment to innovation. The Focus platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to improve the data and trading process for serious investors, by connecting financial & media services from multiple third-parties, including market-related live-streaming conferences, videos, articles, research and podcasts.

“Focus is more than ‘just another’ online trading platform; it’s a powerful all-in-one package that provides the tools and information for serious investors that are typically data-driven, or heavily active in the market,” says Clark. “From advanced charting and analytics tools to the deeper trading functions and market-media curation, we try to provide everything traders might need to make better informed decisions and execute trades with more precision, but at a very low price, with full function on both your mobile phone and your PC.”

For more information about Marketech and the various Focus platform options, including a free 3-day trial of the combined ASX & CBOE market data, visit: