Moroku GameSystem is a SaaS platform that provides differentiation from competitors and value for customers through meaningful digital engagement for financial service providers. Digital engagement has become a strategic priority for financial service providers, banks and fintechs, fighting for attention, relevance, value and differentiation in a world otherwise dominated by social media, sensationalism and video games.

Whilst ease of use got Moroku into digital it does not provide the route forward in a world where people need instant gratification, emotional connection and how to join the team; what are the rules, what’s winning? Who am I playing with and against? How am I doing? How’s everyone else doing? Ease of use caters for none of these needs.

Enterprises and governments meanwhile have some enormous challenges on their hands, all of which demand customer engagement. COVID is demanding enormous amounts of community engagement to turn the corner. Banks are swimming in a sea of sameness and are being pursued by big tech. Energy companies and their customers need to get off carbon.

Moroku uses game theory to provide instant gratification and feedback to customers as they go about their lives individually and collectively, building emotional connection and helping people understand and play the big games that matter. Moroku start with the On Ramp design methodology that they use with their clients to clearly understand what winning looks like, where the win states are and the types of recognition, reward and feedback that are pertinent to the game and the players.

Moroku then procced to collaborate to build the gamified digital experience, wiring up the Moroku Odyssey Saas Platform into the technology solution to drive engagement. The initial game design includes a set of game rules, that defines the outcomes of various player behaviours. These are codified into the platform which is then connected to actual customer behaviour.