More than half of Joust loans ‘won’ by brokers

More than half of Joust loans ‘won’ by brokers

Over 50 per cent of home loan opportunities sent through the platform have been won by brokers, the mortgage auction platform has revealed.

According to the fintech, which began working with brokers last year after merging with LoanDolphin, more than half of the mortgages placed onto auction by customers for lenders and brokers to bid on are being won by the mortgage brokers.

Joust CEO Carl Hammerschmidt said the platform continued to grow its audience, with record numbers of brokers signing onto the platform to bid for business.

He said: “We strive to be a genuine growth partner for mortgage brokers of all different sizes. Our marketplace product can be used on demand by partners to scale their business quickly, or simply access to more opportunities when they foresee gaps in their pipeline.”

Mr Hammerschmidt said that Joust had signed over 20 new partners onto the platform in the last quarter, stating it was “pleasing to see [Joust’s] partner pipelines filling out just as quickly, and having to onboard more partners at a faster rate than ever before”.

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Source: More than half of Joust loans ‘won’ by brokers – The Adviser