Midwinter adds Omnium to its Fintech Ecosystem

Midwinter has announced the completion of its integration between AdviceOS and Ominum’s OmniLife.

This allows the real-time flow of insurance premium product data from OmniLife into the AdviceOS Fact Find, Client Portal and Statement of Advice generator. It also allows client data from AdviceOS to be pre-populated into OmniLife, ensuring a synchronised connection between the two solutions.

Midwinter has been forthright in their philosophy regarding open architecture software, believing that advisers of today need software systems that can speak to each other. This allows for freedom of choice as well as eliminating the double entry of data across multiple systems.

Stressing this point, Managing Director of Midwinter Julian Plummer said “We don’t want to pick winners – we want to let advisers pick the winners. Different insurance research providers provide different benefits to different advisers, depending on the advisers’ requirements. It’s time to let the advisers choose.”

Mr Plummer has welcomed the inclusion of Omnium into Midwinter’s growing Fintech Ecosystem saying, “We are excited about the efficiencies this will deliver to users of both OmniLife and AdviceOS. This also demonstrates to the maturity of our API. The fact that Midwinter was able to give our API document to Ominum and within four weeks have them come back and demonstrate a working prototype to us, speaks volumes i.e. Ominum was able to complete this entire integration project unassisted by Midwinter development teams.”

Dr David King, Managing Director of Omnium has echoed this sentiment “There’s been a high level of interest among advisers to have our OmniLife solution connected to Midwinter and we’re delighted to have finally completed the first phase of our integration. This wouldn’t been possible without the mature and robust API’s that both firms have, and we believe this collaboration signals a substantial leap forward in connecting together best of breed advice software”

Users of both AdviceOS and Omnilife have embraced the integrated solution with Christian De Lloyd (Managing Director – Private Client Advisor) stating “I’ve found the Omnium Risk Research solution to be comprehensive and impressively user-friendly. We’re excited now that it is connected to our Midwinter AdviceOS platform, the efficiency this brings for our business is very much needed.”

Other integration partners of Midwinter include SuiteBox, Rice Warner, Xero, Revex, Class, InvestmentLink, CashDeck as well as several soon to be announced partnerships.