Meet Open Orbit and its nimble problem-solving platform

Meet Open Orbit and its nimble problem-solving platform

In every business, there are problems to solve and business processes crying out for improvement. What Open Orbit offers is a unique digital Expertise Automation platform which uses AI techniques to problem solve in a whole new way.

Chatting to Niranjan Deodhar, Founder of Open Orbit, Stone & Chalk pick his brains about Open Orbit and the recent win at the Australian Business Awards (ABA) 100 – Winner of Technology and Software categories.

Efficiency is obviously Niranjan’s middle name, but where does the name Open Orbit come from?

Niranjan says, “Open – because we want to drive collaboration between people who are solving problems. And Orbit which is about looking at the problem from every perspectives, making sure you look at it from all angles.”

Interestingly, Open Orbit uses medical concepts of symptom, cause and remedy to diagnose business problems in order to accelerate the thinking of the problem solver towards finding the right remedy (solution).

Niranjan’s extensive background has seen him hold various senior positions in companies like Genpact, IBM, PwC Consulting and Siemens. His brainchild, Open Orbit, he says was born out of these experiences in seeing a clear need for an innovative platform to solve problems for complex enterprises.

He reflects, “You feel that there should be a better way of doing this. It should be easier to solve these problems, it shouldn’t take that long and shouldn’t cost that much. We run on a shoestring budget, and that is essential, as you need to run long. You can’t just sprint and say I ran out of money.”

Driving sustainable change especially in business process improvement is no easy feat, but Niranjan says it all comes down to making sure these processes are continuously reviewed.

He explains, “Process is a thing of itself, it decays over time if you don’t look after it. I think a lot of programs that try to implement business-related change lack that perspective, and so we decided to increase the organisation’s ability to press on that lever.”

“The uniqueness of Open Orbit is that it automates the expertise of the improvement practitioner and puts it in the hands of the non-practitioner. Doesn’t mean that the practitioner goes away, but just means that they can step back into the role of a mentor, rather than do all the leg work of capturing the problem.”

Open Orbit’s bold method goes further than simply mapping out the issues, but instead it guides the problem solver through what the business process should actually look like and how to get there.
How? Niranjan says that in order for change to occur, it needs to come from a top-down approach in order to tripwire the mandate.

He says, “You also need to make it easy for the person. You can’t just tell them to do it, you have to make it easy for them.”


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