Loopit announces new partnership with RentalMatics as integrated telematics provider

Loopit announces new partnership with RentalMatics as integrated telematics provider

  • The partnership will see RentalMatics providing telematics services for Loopit’s customers globally for vehicle location and tracking
  • RentalMatics telematics devices can be integrated with Loopit’s software platform to deliver usage-based billing
  • The announcement comes shortly after Loopit launched a world-first digital KYC solution, TruPass, to prevent fraud and risk protection for its mobility services

Leading Australian car subscription company Loopit has announced RentalMatics as its newest integrated telematics provider, offering fleet management services for Loopit customers across all markets.

The partnership will see both companies joining forces to give subscription providers greater choice and flexibility when it comes to telematics devices. As part of the collaboration, telematics devices from RentalMatics can be integrated with Loopit’s software platform to deliver usage-based billing for subscription clients. RentalMatics’ existing customers can also continue to utlise their telematics devices via Loopit, allowing them to have viable access to both companies.

Michael Higgins, Co-founder, and Managing Director of Loopit said, “We are delighted to be partnering with RentalMatics to offer our customers greater choice for their telematics needs. Here at Loopit we are always ensuring that we implement and find new integration systems tailored to support our network of subscription providers.”

“It is important for us to partner with organisations who share the same goals; to provide the best experience for customers. Given RentalMatics has a strong global presence, this partnership will ensure we are introducing valued systems to the automotive industry and of course our customers around the globe.”

RentalMatics provides a tailored service for fleet management through its in-built SaaS telematics-based operating system, which allows the company’s devices to rely on satellite positioning for fleet tracking, GSM for data transfer and onboard accelerometers to capture any collisions. Through this partnership, Loopit’s client base can easily automate, visualise, and manage their fleet operations.

Colm Brady CEO said, “We are thrilled to partner with a reputable and trusted company to drive the automotive industry forward. Telematics can seem daunting – through this partnership, we want to make it easier and more accessible for companies to leverage our technology to enhance their operations. We are also excited for our existing customers to have the opportunity to benefit from Loopit’s leading software platform.”

Loopit has seen rapid growth as the software enablement platform of choice for the car subscription industry, and this announcement follows the company’s recent launch of its latest TruPass technology. The new partnership will enable businesses to streamline accurate vehicle usage and overage billing; whilst maintaining live vehicle monitoring in real time to track the location of vehicles and maximise their fleet protection.

TruPass is a digital biometric identification solution that allows subscription providers to confirm the identity of customers, while maintaining a safe and seamless online experience for both the providers and their customers. Both RentalMactics and TruPass will now offer the automotive industry an integrated solution that reduces the cost of fleet operations while providing new opportunities to customers.

Loopit provides a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for car dealerships, resellers, and manufacturers, to offer their own vehicle subscription services to customers. The end-to-end platform provides dealerships with ‘subscription in a box,’ including the software, training and services needed to offer car subscription to customers simply and easily.

Loopit now powers 80% of Australia’s car subscription market. The company launched in New Zealand in 2020, partnering with New Zealand’s leading vehicle distribution and dealer group, The Giltrap Group and global car rental giant SIXT, and expanded into the United Kingdom last year.