Local start-up, Stake beats US giant Robinhood to bring Australians free share trading

Stake have thrown the the Australian investment landscape into disarray by offering users simple and intuitive access to US equities, all at the lowest brokerage rates possible….$0…free. zilcho. Yes, the race to zero is over.

US broker, Robinhood has over 61,000 Australians on its waiting list for zero commission trading, but an Australian start-up, Stake has beaten the Google backed venture to the line.

Starting August 2017, Stake’s brokerage on trades will go to $0. Zero.stake.com.au

This means Australians will:
● Invest globally more simply and affordably than the can locally.
● No longer have to invest in Banks, Miners or supermarkets
● Power the new world with their capital.
● Buy and sell US listed shares for free. Forever.

Stake was set up to make investing simple, affordable and enjoyable – just like the good things in life should be. These three principles guide them in every decision they make.

Sticking to these principles has led them to where Stake finds itself today – being able to let you know that from August 2017 their brokerage rates on trading will drop to $0.

They’ve been able to come to an agreement with their US broker dealer that allows them to offer zero commission trading from that time. Initially, there will be minor changes to the breadth of their offering and some of our other fees, which I’ve set out below.

Why $0 Brokerage?

You’ll ask why they’ve gone down this path. The answer is pretty simple – it is in the best interests of both their customers and therefore their business.

At Stake they believe that they can offer a premium product at an exceptional price – there is no reason why you can’t have both. So when an opportunity comes up to add extra value, they’ll always consider it.

On the business side, zero brokerage helps with their marketing and their message. It’s going to allow millions of Australians to access the world of investment opportunity more simply and more affordably than ever before.

Investors will be able to invest in groundbreaking companies, revolutionary ideas and trending themes more economically than they can in their local market – Stake are proud to break down the barriers that have for too long prevented Australian capital from powering a better world.

How will Stake make money?

They’ll continue to make some money on FX and, in time, broaden services to add pay-for products. Right now, they don’t know exactly what they will look like, but their customers will lead them to a clearer vision of where they need to go.

Any changes come August?

Reducing the number of available securities will lower their costs and allow them to pass on these savings to you. In time, they’ll grow back out to 3300+ securities and potentially offer them on a subscription service.

Their FSG, T&Cs and site will be updated accordingly with any changes to costs and products.

How do you register?

Visit our landing page, zero.stake.com.au, grab your referral code and share Stake’s mission.