Conversational UX, personalisation and the competitive threat of big tech

Conversational UX, personalisation and the competitive threat of big tech

There’s no doubt that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are accelerating Open Banking Standards and changing customer expectations. Banking and wealth management firms are facing a number of challenges out there in the marketplace. Any thoughts on what could be the biggest? Certainly, the threat from the big tech companies is right up there. But it also means banks need to focus more on developing closer, more personal customer relationships to anticipate customer needs.

Each quarter, CREALOGIX invites all to join in a rapid-fire discussion of the competitive trends, fintech innovations, and customer expectations which are driving the digital strategies of global financial institutions. They discuss about how “conversational” UX could be designed to benefit investment management by looking at what investors think about the digital aspect of the service they receive from wealth management firms.

Find out more in an insightful article on how the industry is heading into the new year in the latest edition of CREALOGIX Insights – and have your say about what might happen next.

In this January 2021 edition of CREALOGIX Insights they cover

  • Conversational wealth management
  • Embracing omnichannel user experience for bank/user win-wins
  • Research: what do high net worth investors want from digital services?
  • The strategic value of improving personalisation
  • Big tech entering financial services: a whale-sized competitive threat?

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