Radium Capital is Australia’s market leader in R&D financing. Radium was formed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. That’s why they don’t think like a bank!

Radium Capital believe businesses with R&D should have access to capital when they need it. So they created the Radium Advance to enable businesses to unlock their tax refunds sooner.

Through Radium Advances they provide quick, easy and early access to up to 80% of your expected R&D tax incentive refund in just a few business days. There are no upfront fees or repayments until you receive your tax refund. If you are eligible for Federal Government’s RDTI, you can apply for a Radium Advance.

Radium Advances are available as a one-off cash injection, or can be used strategically throughout the year to smooth cash flow. Under the Radium Advance Quarterly model, for the same expenditure you can;

  • boost your R&D spend by 50% or reduce your outlay by 33%
  • reinvest up to 150% of R&D expenditure back into R&D

Find out more by visiting www.radiumcapital.com.au