C Smart People and Australian FinTech Jobs partner to combine their experience and resources

C Smart People and Australian FinTech Jobs partner to combine their experience and resources

C Smart International, a Sydney based business and technology consulting firm, and Australian FinTech, a business dedicated to promoting the development of the fintech industry in Australia, announce a new partnership of their recruitment arms, C Smart People and Australian FinTech Jobs.

Founded in 1997, C Smart International – which is headquartered in the Sydney, with offices in Melbourne and Manila, provides its base of financial industry clients with a range of traditional and niche services and products. C Smart’s client base across all the regions it operates in includes:

  • Consumer and commercial banks;
  • Private equity and venture capital firms;
  • Fintech vendors within both wholesale and retail markets;
  • Transport & Government; and
  • Specialist payments companies.

For those clients, C Smart’s specific remit is the provision of traditional consultancy and bespoke strategic advisory services within the realms of fintech, e-commerce, payments, cards, and core banking. With an intimate connection to this industry the C Smart People division provides specialist recruitment services enabling its clients to leverage their experience and network of industry specialists.

Australian FinTech was launched 5 years ago as the first platform dedicated to promoting Australian fintech companies to the world.

Since then, the website has had over 2 million views, published over 4,600 articles on Aussie fintechs, showcases 650+ companies and has gathered more than 17,000 global social media followers.

To complement the site, and to further assist with the growth of the Australian fintech industry, the team in 2017 launched AustralianFinTechJobs.com.au – Australia’s first and only dedicated fintech jobs platform. The initiative was desperately needed by the flourishing Australian fintech industry.

And now, with C Smart People’s partnership with Australian FinTech Jobs, it will allow participants to the online space’s ecosystem to interface directly with consultants working within C Smart’s Consultancy, FinTech Advisory Practice and recruitment services which, is focused on the hundreds of emerging fintech players and financial institutions that have a need to access new technology offerings and identify industry specialists in an effort to become more efficient.

Matt Holani, Managing Director of C Smart International and C Smart People said, “We at C Smart are incredibly excited to partner with a progressive and future smart organisation such as Australian FinTech. Both organisations have synergies that are not only alike in values and company culture, but complement the other through our industry insights, knowledge and unparalleled industry expertise. Making the most of our combined breadth of contacts and industry know-how our initial foray together will bring true value to the FinTech recruitment space. We look forward to a rewarding and fruitful partnership with Australian FinTech.”

Cameron Dart, CEO & Co-Founder of Australian FinTech and Australian FinTech Jobs, added, “The partnership of C Smart People and Australian FinTech Jobs just makes sense – the synergies between the two organisations run deep, accompanied with the driven people on both sides, it will make for a win/win situation for Australian fintech companies, big and small. Individuals will also benefit by using AustralianFinTechJobs.com.au as Australia’s only dedicated and easy-to-use jobs platform for the fintech industry.

“We are looking forward to growing these businesses together.”

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