BGL adds Multi-Factor Authentication to CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360

BGL adds Multi-Factor Authentication to CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360

BGL Corporate Solutions, Australia’s leading supplier of SMSF administration and ASIC corporate compliance solutions, announce the release of Multi-Factor Authentication in its market leading CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 solutions.

“Keeping our client’s data safe is a top priority at BGL”, says BGL’s Managing Director, Ron Lesh. “MFA is the second step in our security upgrade. Over the past few weeks we have also encrypted both the CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 databases.”

“Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) means our clients will need 3 pieces of information to log into our applications” explained Lesh “Client’s will need Username, Password and a unique code sent by SMS to their cell phone or generated by the Google Authenticator (recommended option). This technology simply makes it more difficult for unauthorised people to access our client data”.

“At this stage MFA will be optional for BGL clients” said Lesh. “This will give clients the opportunity to check out the technology and work out how it can be best implemented in their business.”

BGL will make MFA mandatory in Quarter 1, 2019. For Simple Fund 360 clients who use PLS, SuperStream or TBAR, MFA is required by the ATO for all online applications.

“While some clients may think this is a pain, I think it is only of benefit” noted Lesh. “We are all responsible to ensure our client data is as safe as we can possibly make it. MFA combined with all the other security processes we have in place, gives us the best opportunity to do this”. 

More information on how MFA will work for BGL CAS 360 and Simple Fund 360 users, plus how to get started will be available on the 20th December 2018 at BGL Help and BGL Community.