Alternative lender partners with training institute to accelerate business growth

Alternative lender partners with training institute to accelerate business growth

Beyond Merchant Capital have teamed up with The Entourage, Australia’s most effective business training institute to provide backing and direction to SMEs.

How fast could a business owner grow their business with funding AND coaching from proven business growth experts?

Beyond Merchant Capital (BMC) have partnered with The Entourage, Australia’s most effective business training institute, to create an exciting offer that could help SMEs accelerate the growth of their company by working to develop a proven strategy for success.

For a limited time, every funded loan from Beyond Merchant Capital includes a session with an expert business coach from The Entourage valued at $800!

It’s a high-level strategy call where business owners get a strategic roadmap, highlighting the exact structural areas of the business they need to work on in the next 12 months to double performance. In addition, the call includes access to their Operational Freedom Finder, Rapid Revenue Growth Blueprint, Business Growth Roadmap, Business Growth Profile Diagnostic and High-Performance Team Masterclass.

Beyond Merchant Capital’s CEO, Larry Prosser said the combination of SME finance and the right mentorship is exactly what Australian businesses need.

“We started Beyond Merchant Capital to address the shortage of viable finance options available to SMEs in Australia,” said Prosser.

“Addressing cash flow challenges is one thing when it comes to growing a business, and the right mentorship can propel your business forward even faster.

“We’re excited to be partnering with The Entourage. The partnership will give new customers the strategy they need from some of Australia’s leading business experts. We can’t wait to watch our customer’s businesses grow even faster with the resources offered in this new partnership.”

With finance from Beyond Merchant Capital, plus the strategy from one of The Entourage’s business growth experts, SMEs have all the tools they need to exponentially grow their business.

Beyond Merchant Capital’s Financial Solutions for SMEs

Beyond Merchant Capital takes the stress out of accessing the working capital businesses need to grow with its business friendly loan solutions. These loans can be as small as $5k or up to $500k. And with funding processed in as little as 24 hours, SMEs can be on their way to expanding their business in no time.

Repayments for Beyond Merchant Capital’s loans go through the company’s unique variable repayment plan. This allows businesses to make repayments in line with their turnover. So, when business is slow, repayments will be lower. These adjustments don’t attract fees or penalties, they only extend or shorten the expected repayment term.

Source: Press Release: Alternative lender partners with training institute to accelerate business growth