Frollo has built a financial engagement platform to help people improve their personal finances. Their functionality is delivered via their Frollo branded app or through their partners own apps and websites.

The Frollo platform is focussed on:

  • Providing users insights into their spending,
  • Inspiring them to form new habits and
  • Encouraging users to work alongside the Frollo Community to reach their financial goals and deliver impact in their lives.

Frollo uses forming tools to monitor users’ finances and nudge them to consistently make small improvements to their finances. Frollo automatically identify areas where users can save money based on spending habits and people like you data from their community. Their platform nudges users into completing weekly challenges to build better short term habits as well as automating the process of setting and sticking to a budget.  They keep users motivated when they need it most with positive and timely notifications, messages and insights.

The Frollo platform aggregates data ahead of open banking and has a marketplace for partners that can drive specific solutions to those challenged with debt. This can include financial counsellors, financial hardship tools, supportive financial content and government-sponsored finance companies.

Download the Frollo app here, and if you are interested in becoming a B2B partner, please email