Wisr launches Australia’s first credit score comparison service – WisrCredit

Wisr launches Australia’s first credit score comparison service – WisrCredit

Wisr (ASX: WZR), Australia’s first neo-lender, today announced it has launched the country’s first credit score comparison engine, WisrCredit.

WisrCredit.com.au will be the first site in Australia that allows customers to compare credit scores and information from major credit agencies and other sources.

According to IBIS World the Australian credit reporting industry is worth $1.1 billion and growing at more than 7.5% each year. Wisr research suggests more than 23% of Australians have checked their credit score in the past months[1].

Anthony Nantes, Chief Executive Officer Wisr said WisrCredit would be an important part of the company’s growth strategy.

“As part of our commitment to financial wellness, we want to provide transparency into what is often a black box for most Australians.   WisrCredit.com.au is the only credit comparison engine in Australia, and is a smarter, fairer and wiser way for Australians to check their credit score,” Nantes said.


“From a business perspective, this is an opportunity for hundreds of thousands of Australians to come to the Wisr ecosystem for the first time. Already more than 3,000 people have used WisrCredit during the initial beta testing period – making it the fastest-growing service we’ve ever released.”


WisrCredit allows users to:

  • Check and, for the first time in Australia, compare their credit scores from major credit reporting bureaus.
  • Check their credit score without impacting their credit rating. Unlike loan applications, users can view their financial health without impacting their score.
  • Track their financial health, seeing how positive financial behaviour impacts their score over time with each credit reporting bureau.
  • Access resources to help better understand credit health and the steps that can be taken to improve their score.


[1] Wisr 2018 credit score research, 400 participants