What will new tech mean for crypto in 2019?

What will new tech mean for crypto in 2019?

Ten years on from the emergence of Bitcoin, there is no doubt that crypto and blockchain technology have made a massive impact. However, many forward-thinking observers still believe that digital tokens and the processes behind them have a long way to go. New systems and ways of doing things are emerging all the time, and this year, there are plenty of developments on the cusp of debuting online.

A greater public awareness and more widespread adoption is on the cards, with the world of established financial institutions continuing to make moves and government-level discussions about the future of crypto also taking place.

With many insiders predicting a wide range of ground-breaking tech advances appearing this year, both coins and platforms could become more appealing by upping their usability and scalability. As the entire crypto sector is such a popular area for many CFD traders, the most likely developments are obviously going to be of interest to anyone working out when to take a position and which markets might be the best for success.


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