WeMoney launches community to help lift Aussie financial wellness

WeMoney launches community to help lift Aussie financial wellness

WeMoney is now not only the place to learn how to budget but a place to improve your financial wellness, with a raft of well-known fin-influencers now making content on the WeMoney platform to teach, share tips, tricks as well as find bargains.

The newly launched WeMoney community hosts a raft of well known fin-influencers from channels such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, now creating content within the app. Users can learn from a multitude of financial content creators such as TashInvests, Aussie Money Man, Shesonthemoney, Justin Baldori, CaptainFi, Aussiedebtfreegirl, BrokeGirlWealth, MoneySavvyMamma and more.

The smart money management app enables members to connect multiple accounts in one place, track their networth and credit score in the one place for a full picture of their financial health. The introduction of the community function aims to provide a solution to the financial literacy crisis by enabling users to learn from one another and ask money questions in a safe, supported environment.

Most people would argue that money skills are something that they wish they learnt more of in school, with a recent poll conducted by WeMoney indicating that  97% of people wish they had learnt more financial skills while at school.

Dan Jovevski, Founder and CEO of WeMoney believes financial literacy needs to be improved for all Australians. “A lot of people aren’t taught financial skills during their youth and by the time they hit their twenties they may take on a lot of debt that can set them up for strife, for life.”

“Financial literacy is incredibly important for Australians to know and by making it a core part of our community feature, we feel we’re helping them to learn these skills and provide value to WeMoney members”.

While not only teaching Australians how to budget (and helping them find out how much they spend on take out and spending each month), they are now also helping to teach Australians financial literacy with well-known finance content creators joining the platform and creating content on topics ranging from ETFs, budgeting, how to create a side hustle, saving for a house to more tips of the day like bargains and budget-saving recipes via their new community feature.

First Home Buyers can be inspired by tips on saving for a house, choosing the right mortgage and making the most of government benefits from the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme to the First Home Super Saver Scheme.

With food and groceries being the second largest expenditure for Aussies (falling in line after accommodation), frugal meals, recipes and supermarket hacks are prolific in the community.

Those chasing financial independence can learn how to invest, reduce debt and increase their passive income from members of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement.

It’s these tips that WeMoney feels will add an extra benefit to helping Australians on their journey to financial wellness with members not only being able to see their net worth, refinance their home loan, see all their accounts in one place but also be a part of a financial community that is encouraging them to build their financial literacy and change their future.

The community feature is accessible to all users of the app, which is free to download and has already amassed over 100,000 downloads since its launch in September last year.