Weel’s new bill payment experience is a huge win for bookkeepers and AP teams alike

Weel’s new bill payment experience is a huge win for bookkeepers and AP teams alike

Weel, Australia’s leading Spend Management software, has announced a suite of releases within their bills product, which will cut Accounts Payable (AP) processing time in half while also providing enhanced security around invoice payments.

Among their newest innovations in the bills space, Weel has launched an instant import from Xero function. This feature allows users to automatically extract approved bills from Xero and seamlessly import them into Weel for prompt payment. Actioned in a single click, this function serves to streamline the payments process by offering bookkeepers an accelerated method for efficiently managing clients’ bills.

Complementing this innovation is Weel’s new supplier management feature. Weel customers can now save approved payee details for future bill payments. Once a supplier is saved, it can be selected for any subsequent bill and their address and payment details will be automatically populated, further expediting the payment process.

Another feature set to streamline the payment experience is Weel’s automated remittance notice. As soon as a bill is paid, suppliers will receive an automated notice of payment via email, ensuring timely and transparent communication of payment status.

The last of Weel’s recent updates to its bills product is the split line items feature, which allows Weel users to accurately capture and categorise individual expense details from a single invoice, allowing for precise category tracking and enhancing overall accuracy in financial management.

While Weel first made its name through its innovative virtual cards expense management solution, its bill payment and management product has quickly become one of its most popular tools, solidifying Weel’s status as the leading AP solution in the market.

The ability to seamlessly handle all company expenses from a single tool not only serves to streamline the accounting process, but also plays a pivotal role in effective cash flow management and cost control. These new releases are a testament to Weel’s ongoing commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower businesses to optimise their financial processes.

How can I start using these features today?

These features are available to all Weel customers. To learn more about getting started with Weel, join the CFO Toolkit for 2024 webinar or book in time to chat with the team here.