Trending hydrogen opportunities on PrimaryMarkets

Trending hydrogen opportunities on PrimaryMarkets

With an increase in enquiry for hydrogen-based companies, PrimaryMarkets, Australia’s number one trading platform for securities in unlisted companies and funds, has released a breakdown of the best hydrogen opportunities currently trading on their platform.

Globally, countries are striving to achieve net-zero emissions in reaction to the climate crisis and investors are increasingly searching for standouts in the hydrogen industry which is seen as one of the most viable alternatives to fossil fuels. Leading the pack on the PrimaryMarkets platform are Aviation H2, Poseidon Marine H2 and Star Scientific.

Marcus Ritchie, CEO of PrimaryMarkets talks on Aviation H2, “Studies have been completed with positive results and Aviation H2 is ready to prove their concept by modifying turbofan engines for aviation. Importantly, Aviation H2 uses existing technology where possible that allows prospective customers to continue to utilise their existing assets, which is generating significant interest from investors.”

Another pre-IPO opportunity is an industry-first, carbon-free alternative aiming to be the industry standard for hydrogen boating named Poseidon Marine H2.

Ritchie continues “The unique opportunity with Poseidon Marine H2 is in the boat’s versatility and ability to operate off multiple fuels, including hydrogen and diesel, which allows customers and manufacturers to purchase the technology that allows them to operate off their current fuels, as well as a carbon-free alternative.”

Another prime opportunity is in Star Scientific who are developing a unique way to deliver safe, affordable energy with zero emissions after a recent breakthrough in hydrogen energy technology, HERO® (the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimizer).

This new technology provides industrial levels of heat with zero emissions, other than water. Star Scientific has invested A$100M into further Australian research and development to commercialise the technology.

Ritchie highlights further, “This sector has incredible growth potential, and investors are starting to see that by searching for companies in the pre-IPO stage. As interest grows our offerings in this space will only grow.”

PrimaryMarkets uses first-class technology to create an independent global platform offering pre-IPO opportunities and providing long-term investors with liquidity. These unique trading opportunities give investors the best options in an investment environment where there is a premium on diversification and access to popular investment themes before they go public.