The FinTech Report Podcast: Episode 42: Max Cunningham, CEO at FCX

The FinTech Report Podcast: Episode 42: Max Cunningham, CEO at FCX

In the FinTech Report Podcast: Episode 42: Glen Frost interviews Max Cunningham, CEO of FCX.

You can listen to it here:

Key points to note:

  1. Tokenisation of equities (ie asset class) on FC blockchain platform: independent of geography / any country – ie private companies from any nation can use FCX
  2. Equity atomic settlement (ie instant settlement) = world first for FCX
  3. Message to FinTechs: discuss options with FCX after seed round

FCX describes itself as “A new era for private markets. FCX helps companies better manage their investors and securities”.

FCX was conceived and built for the private investment sector with the simple goal to replicate the listed market ‘user experience’ for unlisted assets. As a result, we are Australia’s first universal equity management platform built specifically for private companies. FCX enables unlisted companies to manage their cap table, employee equity, capital raising process, shareholder liquidity and much more via a consolidated platform.

FCX utilises class-leading Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) infrastructure and couples our deep capital markets experience to automate and streamline the many arduous and time consuming administration tasks associated with managing a company’s investors and securities.

Max Cunninghan is the CEO of FCX; his background includes Group Executive for Listings at the ASX, Head of Equity Capital Markets at Goldman Sachs, and over a decade at Macquarie Bank.


  1. Why FCX? What problem does it solve for?
  2. What does the name ‘FCX’ mean?
  3. Why do secondary equity markets need to exist?
  4. How does FCX work? Matched trades?
  5. Traction; typical clients? can you discuss case studies? Success stories? How much do people raise?
  6. Benefits of FCX for equity owners and founders, staff etc
  7. What resources do FCX listed companies need? Audited accounts, company secretary?
  8. Growth of the FCX team, backing from Finclear
  9. How does FCX earn money? Annual Fees. Listing fees etc
  10. Do you de-list? How do you control the bad actors/bad players?
  11. Future vision, plans.