The FinTech Report Podcast: Episode 19: Interview with Jason Atkins, Cake Equity

The FinTech Report Podcast: Episode 19: Interview with Jason Atkins, Cake Equity

Cake Equity offers free “1 click ESOP” to early stage fintechs to democratise the fundraising process

Founders want to quickly and easily understand how to issue options to their team can now access Cake Equity to start, raise funds and easily manage all their shareholder and fundraising documents in one place. And when raising capital from Angels, investors and VCs, they want a good deal using industry standard terms that will protect them, and Cake Equity has templates for all the documents a Founder needs; from Shareholder Agreement to ESOPs.

Cake solves the problems inherent in fundraising at the early stage; the cost and complexity of the whole process by offering very early stage fintechs the option of a free account for up to five founders/staff.

Cake Equity is part of the democratisation of the fundraising process, such as Seed Legals in the UK, who enable Founders to manage their ‘cap table’ from startup to IPO.

Typically this involves creating and managing all sorts of documents, from Shareholders Agreements, Term Sheets, ESOPs (Employee Share Option Plan) – Cake Equity has built a service that allows a “one click ESOP” – a huge benefit for Founders looking to streamline this process in their business.

For very early stage founders/startups, Cake offer this for free. After 6 people, Cake start charging – typically $30 PCM per person.

Cake integrates with ASIC and crucially, enables founders to showcase all the shareholder information to potential investors – enabling the ‘due diligence’ to be completed in days not weeks.


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