TabSquare extends Zingrill’s custom POS and lifts average check value by 12%

TabSquare extends Zingrill’s custom POS and lifts average check value by 12%

Today’s consumers are extremely hard to please. In our instant, technology-driven world, we have high expectations that our demands will be met with a minimum of delay. In fact, a retail survey has reported that if you keep customers waiting more than 10 minutes, 48% of them will assume your business is poorly run and the other 52% will vote with their feet and take their business elsewhere.

The food and beverage industry, in particular, is a victim of our impatience. How often have you walked into a quick service restaurant (QSR) and turned around and headed right back out when you’ve seen a long queue?

Encouragingly though, 87% of us are willing to use technology if it shortens our wait time. Which is why it’s vital for hospitality industry operators to embrace the latest technologies available to keep customers happy, stay ahead of the competition and boost their bottom line.

It’s well recognised that the F&B industry is well placed to capitalise on our tech-savvy population and take advantage of the benefits that technology can bring. They are well equipped to utilise cutting-edge solutions to expand their brand presence and marketing reach.

As QSR magazine put it: “Your customers and employees have already embraced digital in their personal lives. It’s time to make sure you can keep up with them.”

Modern restaurateurs realise they need to embrace technology in their increasingly competitive industry but are often not sure where to begin. This is particularly true of QSRs, who are constantly on a quest to become more efficient in their operations.

AI drives seamless operations

Food and beverage software solutions company TabSquare offers cutting-edge technology that deals with many of the challenges faced by the QSR industry. The Singapore-based startup, which has offices in Australia, Indonesia, and India offers a solution that extends POS and payment systems to provide a more engaging and satisfying dining experience to clients across Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Through its artificial intelligence (AI) engine, nicknamed Aiden, TabSquare helps drive restaurants’ profitability by creating seamless operations, saving labour costs, boosting average cover value and speeding up table turns.

Importantly, their solution is compatible with POS platforms. TabSquare works with existing payment systems to give F&B chains, bars, bistros, cafés, and full-service restaurants an edge in their highly competitive market.

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Source: TabSquare extends Zingrill’s custom POS and lifts average check value by 12%