Superhero Super announces major changes and updates to offering

Superhero Super announces major changes and updates to offering

Superhero, a leading fintech and wealth management platform has today announced major changes and updates to its superannuation offering.

The key changes to Superhero Super include:

  • Greater flexibility with competitive fees – All members will be moving to a single, flexible account structure, replacing the current Autopilot and Control account types.

  • Professionally managed investment options – Superhero has partnered with global investment specialist Mercer, which advises on US$16.45 trillion in global assets to bring Superhero Super members a new range of actively managed diversified and single sector investment options.

  • Wider range of investment options – All members will have access to the full range of investment options with Superhero Super with the ability for members to add and remove direct investments as they wish.

  • Supporting our members entering retirement – Members will have access to Retirement and Transition to Retirement account options as they reach this phase of life.

Superhero’s CEO and co-founder, John Winters commented the changes to Superhero Super highlight the company’s dedication to offering Australians a better investment experience, to drive more engagement and ultimately better financial outcomes.

“When we launched Superhero, we had the goal of making investing more accessible for Australians. We continue to deliver on that with our superannuation offering, providing members with an easy to use and member-first platform via our proprietary financial services infrastructure.”

“Superhero Super offers members the flexibility to invest in either a single professionally managed, diversified investment option or select their own investment mix across Diversified, Single Sector, Thematic and Direct investment categories,” noted Mr Winters.

Superhero Super’s Direct feature allows members to invest a portion of their super into individual shares across the ASX300 index and a range of over 200 ETFs, LICs and Hybrid securities, all without needing to open a self-managed super fund.

Mr Winters commented, “Our priority is providing high value and flexibility while keeping costs as low as possible. We want to support Australians in their wealth generation journeys and know that superannuation is a huge part of that.”

“Providing a breadth of investment options and features while keeping costs as low as possible is important to us as we continue to grow the Superhero Super fund.”

Superhero’s focus on superannuation comes after recent key appointments into key roles including Kimberly McAvoy (formerly Vanguard), Gabriella Donnelly (formerly EISS) and Karen Arndell (formerly HUB24).

Mr Winters concluded, “We have huge goals we would like to achieve with Superhero Super and building the best team to help us reach these ambitions is essential. The experience we’ve gained through our strategic hires over the last few months will help us reach these goals as we continue to shape the future of wealth management for Australians.”

For more information, please see the full Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).