Jcurve Partners with Skript to Streamline Bank Feeds Integration for Businesses

Jcurve Partners with Skript to Streamline Bank Feeds Integration for Businesses

Jcurve, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions provider, has partnered with Skript to introduce an innovative automated Bank Feeds solutions for businesses. Jcurve specialises in ERP solutions designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and has long recognized the need to streamline the bank reconciliation process for its customers. With this strategic partnership, Jcurve aims to eliminate the need for manual bank statement uploads and bring greater efficiency to financial management.

Incorporating Skript’s market-leading Bank Feeds product Subskript, the collaboration involves a direct integration between Skript and businesses to access their financial data securely and automatically. Skript is able to provide full coverage of all Australian banks as they are an Accredited Data Recipient with the Consumer Data Right (CDR), otherwise referred to as “Open Banking”.

Jcurve is an official Oracle NetSuite solutions partner with 1000+ successful ERP implementations in APAC. They also offer a specialised cloud ERP solution that’s tailor-made for SMEs called Jcurve ERP. With these complementary ERP solutions, Jcurve serves all businesses from start-ups to established multinational enterprises. Their partnership with Skript will streamline the financial reconciliation process across all their ERP solutions.

Key benefits of Jcurve with automated Bank Feeds:

  • Streamlined bank statement reconciliation: Skript’s solution offers automated bank statement reconciliation, reducing the hassles of manual data entry.
  • Full data set: Detailed transaction-level information, including merchant category, closing balance, and more, ensures a comprehensive overview of financial data.
  • Coverage across all banks: Subskript leverages the Consumer Data Right (CDR), granting access to data from all Australian banks.
  • Security and convenience: The integration maintains robust security measures while providing a seamless and efficient data-sharing process.

With the automated Bank Feeds integration, businesses can now focus on making informed decisions, optimising resource allocation, and achieving sustainable growth without the complexities of manual financial data management.