Superhero cuts through the trading floor

Superhero cuts through the trading floor

Aussie share-trading platform Superhero’s first major television commercial will debut during tonight’s Channel 7 AFL broadcast.

‘The Floor Is Yours’ campaign sees the adverts hero manoeuvring his way through a crowded, stereotypically chaotic trading floor.

The campaign is designed to reach an audience of younger Australians interested in investing, and older investors looking for more affordable ways to manage their portfolios.

Research from the ASX published last year found that about 35% of the total Australian adult population have investments in direct shares, and close to a quarter of all investors have started investing in the past two years.

Superhero Co-Founder & CEO John Winters said, “Investing used to be seen as something only really accessible to the wealthy or elite, and new types of investing platforms, including ours, are changing that.”

“We’re genuinely excited about investing being embraced by a new generation that are having to build their wealth in different ways than our parents did.”

Since its launch in September 2020, Superhero has signed up more than 70,000 customers – many of them dipping their toes into investing for the first time – on the back of a broader, global surge in retail investors using lower-cost platforms to trade.

“There’s no doubt that it’s easier than ever for people to invest and investing really is becoming more mainstream, especially among Millennials and Gen Xers – many of whom aren’t able to enter the housing market and are earning virtually no interest on savings sitting in bank accounts,” Winters said.

“We’re excited to bring Superhero to a whole new audience, with the message that investing is now more accessible and affordable for all Aussies.”