Stay scam safe, use PayID

Stay scam safe, use PayID

Australian Payments Plus (AP+), Australia’s domestic payments provider has a renewed focus on using PayID and reminding customers of the need to remain vigilant against scammers with a new public service campaign featuring PayID.

First launched in 2022 with a focus on paying the right person or business, ‘That day you PayID’d me’ campaign has evolved with its favourite quirky characters to remind customers about scam protection.

The ads feature important messages, including that PayID will never contact customers directly or ask them to send money to receive money.

AP+ General Manager Business Payments, Katrina Stuart said the campaign highlights the way PayID acts as a safeguard for customers.

Australians lost a record $3.1 billion in scams in 2022 according to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Scamwatch. Ms Stuart said PayID was a safe way of transferring money.

“PayID helps customers know who they are paying before they pay. One of the benefits of PayID is that it provides confirmation of the name of the person that the money is going to before the payment is completed,” Ms Stuart said.

“Based on research conducted by Australian Payments Plus in 2022, one in four PayID users say they have either stopped or edited a payment where they noticed the recipient’s details were wrong before they made a payment. It’s a very useful feature for preventing incorrect payments.

“Customers simply need to remember that PayID will never text or message them – it’s not possible for us to do that. If they receive an email or message claiming to be from PayID, customers should ignore it – it’s someone trying to scam them.

“The campaign includes reminders to rest safe in the knowledge that PayID will never ask customers for money or contact them directly,” Ms Stuart said.

There are now approximately 15 million PayIDs registered in Australia. Setting up a PayID is straight forward, customers can do it via their online banking or phone banking app. They can choose their phone number or email address as their PayID.