SelfWealth launches low-cost trading platform for financial advisers

SelfWealth launches low-cost trading platform for financial advisers

SelfWealth Limited (ASX:SWF) Australia’s fastest growing retail share trading platform has now officially branched out into the advised space with its leading $9.50 flat-fee brokerage for ASX-listed securities. SelfWealth continues to challenge high-fee incumbents, with no percentage fees to be seen, on the aptly named SelfWealth Adviser Platform.


This is Australia’s first percentag-fee-free non-custodial platform and heralds a new way for adviser to service their client base post the Royal Commission.


The platform has been in development for the past 12 months, with a small group of select advisers trading on the platform on behalf of their clients, while additional functionality was built and customized via a reiterate feedback process.


Founder and CEO, Andrew Ward, excited about the growth opportunities now available to SelfWealth, had this to say on the launch, “Australian financial advisers are sometimes tied to trading platforms that don’t work in the best interest of themselves or their clients. They are also looking for greater choice and flexibility for their clients, and more so than ever, challenging the traditional custodial model and moving towards HIN based platforms that reduce costs and hands ownership back to clients.


“The SelfWealth Adviser Platform breaks the shackles and delivers immense value to advisers and their clients by only charging $9.50 per trade. Further to that, the model portfolio and rebalancing features have already generated a lot of positive feedback amongst the advisers already using the platform, due to the amount of time they save that can now be spent on helping their clients.”


The launch of the SelfWealth Adviser Platform comes weeks before SelfWealth is set to list its first ETF on the ASX. An equally weighted yet concentrated portfolio of Australian shares, the SelfWealth SMSF Leaders Fund (ASX:SELF) aims to outperform the market by ranking and leveraging large data pools of Australian investors, the index of which is already live on both Bloomberg and Reuters.


To request a demonstration of the SelfWealth Adviser Platform with the SelfWealth team, submit your details at or get in touch with Brendan Mutton, Head of Sales, at [email protected]