Selfwealth and Betashares launch education campaign and ETF giveaway

Selfwealth and Betashares launch education campaign and ETF giveaway

Selfwealth, Australia’s most popular low-cost share trading platform, and Betashares, a leading Australian fund manager, are working together to help investors make more informed investment decisions by better understanding the role ETFs can play in a well constructed portfolio.

As part of this joint initiative, Selfwealth and Betashares will run a month-long education series hosted by Owen Rask, founder of Rask Australia, who will interview a range of investing minds about ETFs, market conditions, investment megatrends and portfolio construction tips.

The four sessions will air weekly and live on Wednesdays at 6.00pm, from  August 9 to August 20, 2023.

The full list of presenters and topics include:

–        An introduction to ETFs and why they work for investors with Ele De Vere, Marketing Director at Betashares

–        A top-down perspective for coping with uncertainty with Betashares Chief Economist, David Bassanese.

–        Five themes for the 2020s with Betashares Senior Investment Strategist, Cameron Gleeson.

–        Portfolio construction tips on building a strong portfolio core with Tom Wickenden, Betashares Investment Strategist

Selfwealth and Betashares will also offer the chance for three investors to start or continue their wealth creation journey by winning $2000 worth of units in one of three leading ETFs.

“We’ll also kickstart the wealth creation journey of three investors with starter portfolios worth $2000 each,” said Robert Marfell, Brand and Content Lead at Selfwealth.

He added “We know a majority of Australians are keen to invest in the listed market but face barriers to start trading for two main reasons: lack of financial education and, especially in the current environment, financial hardship related to the increased cost of living.

“However, research shows that if you start investing early then you give your capital enough time to generate wealth. Even a small amount invested every month can snowball into a large sum by the time you retire,” Mr Marfell concluded.

“ETFs continue to play a growing role in the portfolios of investors, no matter whether they are just getting started or continuing their investment journey. As part of this work, we’re proud to lead efforts to help investors better understand the important role ETFs can play in facilitating long-term wealth creation,” said Ms Kirsty Lamont, Betashares Marketing Director.

“Our tailored education sessions will assist investors make more informed investment decisions by better understanding ETFs, market conditions, megatrends and portfolio construction tips. We’re also extremely pleased to make available to three winning investors units in some of our most popular investment strategies across Australian and International equities,” Ms Lamont concluded.

The three winners of the $2000 worth of ETF units can choose from one of three funds.

  • Betashares Australia 200 ETF (ASX: A200) – a portfolio comprising 200 of the largest companies by market capitalisation listed on the ASX and the lowest-cost Australian shares ETF in the world.[1]
  • Betashares Global Shares ETF (ASX: BGBL) – provides exposure to an index comprising approximately 1,500 developed markets companies (ex-Australia).
  • Betashares Diversified All Growth ETF (ASX: DHHF) – an all-in-one investment solution for shares, constructed using a blend of cost-effective ETFs traded on the ASX and other global exchanges.