Rush revolutionizes precious metals investment with innovative ‘Switch’ feature

Rush revolutionizes precious metals investment with innovative ‘Switch’ feature

Rush, the award-winning Australian platform for precious metals investment, have announced the launch of its market-leading innovation: ‘Switch’. This new feature enhances the way users can manage their investments in gold and silver, offering unparalleled convenience, speed, and efficiency.

Traditionally, investors wanting to transition their holdings between gold and silver would have to sell their existing asset to fiat, and then repurchase the desired metal – a process prone to delays, fees, and missed opportunities.

Rush’s new ‘Switch’ option allows users to effectively ‘buy’ one asset with another in seconds, without ever leaving the app or moving funds.

With the introduction of the ‘Switch’ feature, Rush is eliminating barriers and empowering investors to make seamless transitions between gold and silver instantly within the app.

Jodi Stanton, CEO of Rush, commented, “With gold and silver hitting all-time highs, this is a great time to launch ‘Switch’. With ‘Switch’, we’re not just saving our customers time and money – we’re also enabling them to capitalize on time-sensitive opportunities in the ever-changing precious metals market.”

Stanton continued, “This innovation follows the January launch of our ‘out-of-app purchase asset allocation’ feature that enables users to buy silver and gold in any allocation in a single payment directly from their bank. We can’t wait to share the other new features from our exciting technology roadmap over the coming months.”

Key benefits of the ‘Switch’ feature include:

  • Less friction: Seamlessly switch between gold and silver within the Rush app, without the need to wait for funds to transfer externally.
  • Lower fees: With ‘Switch’, users save – with fees only applied on the sale of the first asset, and none on the purchase side.
  • Greater opportunity: React swiftly to market fluctuations and capitalize on emerging opportunities without delays.

The launch of ‘Switch’ reaffirms Rush’s position as an industry leader in providing innovative solutions for precious metals investors including individuals, family offices and SMSFs in this new market cycle.

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