Raiz Invest partners with Pokitpal, accessing MasterCard, Visa and Eftpos Card Linked Services

Raiz Invest partners with Pokitpal, accessing MasterCard, Visa and Eftpos Card Linked Services

Raiz Invest today announced its next iteration of the Raiz Reward feature to improve the opportunities for customers to save and invest whilst they shop at a Raiz Rewards partner.

Raiz has partnered with Pokitpal, a market leading Card Linked Services provider, and one of the more robust and dynamic service providers in the booming affiliate marketing space.

Raiz Rewards enables customers to earn cashback from their online and instore transactions, invested back into their Raiz Invest accounts. With more than 800 participating brands, customers can access some of the leading online sites and hundreds of instore offers, along with linking their preferred Visa, Mastercard or Eftpos Cards to track and redeem the rewards.

Raiz Rewards has added new functionality, including enhanced search, maps to find in store partners and real time notifications of rewards earned.

Brendan Malone, Director and Joint CEO, Raiz Invest, said, “This latest Raiz Rewards offering is exciting in that it amplifies the already compelling and engaging business model, which has contributed several million dollars towards the savings goals of our customers.

“Raiz Rewards connects customers to their favourite brands allowing them to earn “cash back” when the shop, directly  investing the funds into their Raiz Invest Account or their Raiz Invest Super Account. Since our inception, we continue to focus on delivering the most engaging and rewarding experience for our customers, who trust us for consistently delivering a market leading service.”

Pokitpal CEO, Gary Cobain, said they were delighted to partner with Raiz Invest.

“Both companies are leaders in their chosen field and driving improvements across the Finance, Payments and Marketing industries. By working together, we will deliver outstanding value for Raiz Invest’s customers and Pokitpal’s network of retailers,” said Cobain.