Raiz brings residential property investing to all Australians

Raiz brings residential property investing to all Australians

New Raiz Property Fund provides pathway for people to access residential property investment.

Raiz Invest, Australia’s leading micro-investing platform, have announced the launch of the Raiz Property Fund, an innovative investment opportunity that allows users to allocate up to 30% of their portfolio in a diversified portfolio of residential properties across Australia.

Introduced to the Custom portfolio in December 2022, the Raiz Property Fund has garnered significant interest, leading Raiz Invest to create dedicated portfolios specifically tailored for property investments. The new Property portfolio for the micro-investing product is based on the moderately aggressive portfolio, modified to include a 30% allocation to the Raiz Property Fund. For Raiz Invest Super, two new dedicated portfolios will be made available, one with a 10% weighting to property and another with a 30% weighting.

The Raiz Property Fund provides users with the unique opportunity to invest in a diversified residential property portfolio. Currently comprising 10 properties around the country, the fund aims to expand its offerings as it continues to grow. All properties are revalued twice a year and they are leased out, generating rental income and contributing to the underlying unit value.

“What sets the Raiz Property Fund apart is its accessibility and low investment threshold,” said Grant Brits, COO of Raiz Invest.

“Residential property is Australia’s largest asset class, but it often poses a significant barrier to entry for newcomers. With the Raiz Property Fund, we have made it possible for all Australians, especially those who have felt excluded from residential property investment, to benefit from rental returns and potential capital gains.”

The Raiz Property Fund offers a minimum investment of just $5, making it an attractive option for a wide range of investors. It eliminates the need for a lock-in commitment, empowering users with flexibility and the ability to adjust their allocations as per their investment goals and risk appetite.

Raiz Invest remains committed to empowering Australians by democratising investment opportunities and providing access to previously inaccessible asset classes. With the launch of the Raiz Property Fund, the platform continues to revolutionise the investment landscape, ensuring that everyone can participate in the potential rewards offered by real bricks-and-mortar properties.