Perth start-up takes banking by QR code to the market

Perth start-up takes banking by QR code to the market

Ziksu, an Australian-based fintech company are launching a QR-coded banking app which offers easy, fast and secure user-friendly options for consumers and retailers.

Ziksu, meaning “helper”, provides an alternative method of payment in an instant via an easy scan of a QR code.

Ziksu follows the growing overseas trend for QR-based transaction technology which is now a preferred consumer choice for many global economies.

For retailers, there are no lengthy contracts and no hardware, meaning more money in your pocket to run your business. This enables instant settlement of funds avoiding the traditional wait period for funds to clear.

For consumers, you have total control to manage all your finances on one app where you can send, receive, split bills and request money from those that owe you, avoiding awkward encounters. The technology builds on proven QR coded technology similar to that used in COVID-tracing. The Ziksu app is secure and Ziksu has been recognised as a financial institution connected to the Commonwealth government’s New Payments Platform, the NPP.

Ziksu founders all banking innovators, believe the app will be popular even amongst those who are not tech-savvy. Digital adventurers and millennials will welcome the opportunity to level up and ride the next wave of digital excellence.

For the past 20 years Australian retailers have had no other way to accept payments so a smart, mobile payment system that reduces fund transfer times is timely. It is easy, it is fast, and it is secure.

Ziksu will launch at Perth’s Optus Stadium on Saturday May 26. The Ziksu app will offer the country’s 19.6 million banking consumers and 140,000 business retailers, a fast, innovative, self-managed digital banking solution.